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About Us
Naszálytej Dairy Processing and Trading Company Limited, Naszálytej for short, is located in Vác, a tranquil town embraced by the Naszály Hill and the river Danube, with a rich historical and cultural heritage of almost a thousand years. Even the packaging of Naszálytej products features one of the most characteristic symbols of the town, the 15m high Arc of Triumph known as the ‘Stone Gate’ of Vác. Naszálytej and its predecessor have been present in the market as a significant dairy manufacturer in Central Hungary since the 1970’s already.


The company was privatised in 1991 when, according to the then ruling regional supply system based on territorial principles, its major task was to supply Vác and its neighbourhood with basic dairy products. There was a change of ownership in the company in 1998, which did not affect the 100% Hungarian ownership, however. Based on its capacity and market share, Naszálytej Zrt. ranks as a medium enterprise. The revenues of the company reached some 8 billion forints last year.


The underlying strategy of Naszálytej is to manufacture products promoting a healthy diet and meeting special consumer needs. Through its continuous product development it aims at serving the demands of increasingly health conscious customers, meeting today’s standards at a high level.


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